Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pages from History

Paging through the pages of the past can't help but see. Our elders fought with strength a dignity. One step forward 100 steps back they kept doing the dance. Depended, independent and codependent they tried to break the chains, yokes and pains that held us in one place. The torch was passed on to us and what do we do. Simulate, reevaluate or decimate our selves and others. We are failing the fight as the tired warriors pass into the happy land. Smoke screens and mirrors in the form of guilty pleasures over taking us with the same money hungry desires that brought us here often in chains. It time once and for all to break the chaos still attached to our minds, forget the struggles of self identity and understand the history of our past from the lips of our own. God has a plan if we can just stop the tide going from schoolroom to behind bars, and once again learn how to be community build up what is ours from the ashes of a system created to allow us to rot. Designed to make us fail and fall farther behind. Don't believe open you eyes we are at the bottom of every chart that is positive and at the top of all those that are negative.  My plea is not to be the Huxtubles or the family on MTV. Find your self, recreate the future so the little ones coming up can look back at their elders and see we did not fail but carried the torch that truly set us free.

Original thought taken from my journal today 4-13-13

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