Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Fitting the Mold

If I had one wish it would be that people would stop stereotyping kids that don't fit or get along with the standard education models. Today I was at court with one of my children. I recently pulled her from the school system that was not a great match for her and began to home educate. Imagine my shock when the judge said she dropped out of school. She most certainly has not. Nor is she being homeschooled to avoid truancy laws. She is being homeschooled to rediscover herself with out the pressures of peers, administrators or others that want her to hang on to the bad girl title and place in the society. She is being home school to again gain the love of learning that she had as a child, before being put into the institution of school. She is being homeschooled to pursue her own interests instead of the cookie cutter mold that seems to be the norm until college. She is being home educated so she can create a closer bond to her family. She is being home educated so that she can be the guide to her future. She is being home educated so we can work on the bigger issues of depression, migraines and low self esteem. Not every kid fits into traditional brick and mortar schooling that became standard in the 1850's. It's funny that we look at new traditional schooling as the only way to get an education when so many we'll educated people in our history were self taught, well read, and filled with ambition and curiosity.

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