Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homeschool Journey Begins

After an 8 year break I brought one of my children back home to home school. The biggest lessons I learned after a eight year struggle with public schooling this child.

1. Just like not all kids can be home school not all kids can be public schooled.
2. We come in all different shapes, learning styles and ability levels. To often even today the school setting often resembles a pre cut mold casing trying to duplicate the same student over and over again. This may be great for creating workers but does it create thinkers?
3. There are some really great teachers out there that spend lots of their out of school time and money to making sure your child's in school time is spent learning.
4. There are many reasons why traditional high school does not work with every student.
5. Parents need to do what is best for their child. It's not a debate or a bulling situation that some one from the outside should make.  Just because you survived traditional school does not always mean its the best place for your learner. Think about that many of us found out we learn best in non traditional places like online colleges and distant learning.

So what is one high scholar and mom going to do with this adventure make it memorable and educational. The adventure begins with Sonlight's Core 100 Teacher and Student IG and a good library card, sprinkle in some African American history off the kindle, whip in a side of biology from CK-12, drop in a once of SOS Math, stir in the child's own interests and we are off for a enjoyable ride. Care to join us or follow our adventure follow along on this blog.

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